The following are some links to sites I have found useful, interesting, or entertaining. It should be noted that all of the views expressed on these sites are not necessarily consistent with my own.

I Love Philosophy
Philosophy Forums.

Philosophy Talk
A wonderful regular audio philosophy series tackling different subjects.

Leading minds discuss various topics on the edge of current knowledge.

Stephen's Guide To The Logical Fallacies
A good reference to many common errors of reasoning.

Society for Philosophical Inquiry
Helping to foster philosophical exploration, including "Socrates Cafe".

The American Philosophical Practitioners Association
Supports the examined life through registered practitioners of philosophy.

Pea Soup
A blog dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and academia.

Dr. Susan Blackmore
The homepage and blog of a fascinating lecturer and writer on memes, parapsychology, skepticism, and more.

David Chalmers Homepage
Homepage for the well known philosopher on consciousness.

A Journey Through Ancient Greece.

International Stoic Forum
An email list for Stoics.

The Stoic Foundation
Promoting Stoic philosophy in modern life.

The Stoic Place
A treasure trove of Stoic information, both modern and ancient.

The Stoic Library
A collection of Stoic resources.

Zen Physics
A free online book by David Darling, and a fascinating read on death and secular reincarnation.

Jedi Forums
Forum for people seeking to live similarly to the Jedi philosophies of the Star Wars films.

Live Science
A great general resource on science.

A site with Good explanations on Complexity.

Introduction to Complex Systems
Another good overview of Complexity.

Conway's Game of Life
A computer program that illustrates some of the basic principles behind Complexity Theory.

Talk Origins
Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy.

Great site for Space Science news.

Forum on Scientific Topics.

How Stuff Works
A great site for getting an overview of just about anything.

American Humanist Association
Homepage for the AHA.

The Council for Secular Humanism
Homepage for the CSH.

The Compassion of Buddhism, the rationality of Humanism, the serenity of Stoicism.

American Ethical Union
A community of individuals dedicated to making our lives and our world more humane, more ethical.

The International Humanist & Ethical Union
Founded in in 1952, the world union of humanist organizations.

The Institute for Humanist Studies
Humanist think tank.

Agnostic Mom
Raising a Healthy Family Without Religion.

The Virtues Project
An effort to promote civic virtues.

Watters & Associates
A "virtues consulting" site.

Point of Inquiry
A radio show and poscast of the Secular Humanist group, 'Center for Inquiry'.

Religious Tolerance
A great source of information on the religions of the world.

A Brief History of the Apocalypse
An overview of expectations of the end of the world.

Comparitive Religion Forums
A large number of forums on various religions and religious topics.

Atheism News
Secular Review for Naturalist Netizens.

About Atheism
About.com page and blog on atheism.

Jade Buddha Temple
A very nice Buddhist Temple in Houston, Texas.

The Berzin Archives
From what I can tell, a good collection of information on Buddhism.

Playus Maximus
Board Games & Roleplaying Games.

Star Trek BBS
Forums for Star Trek & Tangent Subjects.

PVP Online
An online comic strip for gamer geeks.

Turn Off Your TV
I do own and watch a television, mainly for news and a select couple of shows mostly watched while eating dinner. However, I do think we need to watch a LOT less television, and like the concept behind this site - a lot of good information.

A free online encyclopedia developed by the online community.

Merriam-Webster Online
A free online dictionary and thesaurus.

OTHER SITES THAT LINK TO ME (as far as I know)
The Tangy Apple
Tasty little tidbits of learning, and some fun along the way.

Father Time's Place
Finishing The Portrait With A Lot Of Bright Colors.

Martial Views
Essays on the philosophy, psychology, history, and transformitive powers of the martial arts.

The opinions and writings of a stoic Libertarian hasher law student.

PTypes Weblog
A blog about personality types.

Vagaries of Variety
The Spice of Blogging Life.

Back Alley Buddhist
A blog by R.

De Review
Beyond the Front Pages.

Glittering Muse
Poetic Inspiration, Balanced Living, Humanist Spirituality.

Makes you feel like a natural human.

Note: If you know of a link to my site not listed above or have one yourself, please let me know and I'll be happy to list it here.