Welcome to DT Strain Philosophy (2004-2008)

This site is no longer updated, but remains as an archive of my essays. My current site is called, The Humanist Contemplative and you are welcome to visit it!

To the right you will see this site's contents. While this site features my general philosophy, there is a sister-site to this one, on which I kept a blog from 2004-2008.

The "Noble Conspectus" is a name I've given for a series of essays in which I've tried to capsulize a lot of my ideas about living wisely into an easy-read and shorter format.

"Natural-Objective Ethics" is a little more in-depth and covers why I believe ethics is secular, man-made, and yet objective at the same time. It was written earlier.

"General Essays" include a wide variety of writings on various topics. Most of them are my most recent work. Often if something I have to say on an issue is too long for a blog post, it ends up becoming an essay. As time goes by, I may begin to categorize them.

"Principles of Socio-Personal Humanism" is a body of work in which I attempted to lay out my complete views on the topics presented. While this is a collection of essays, their order and interdependence on one another was carefully planned. This body of work can sometimes be the most tedious of my writings, but should be interesting for those interested in these ideas. Mainly, my goal with the PoS-PH was to get my precise views written out, with less concern for how easy of a read it would be or for presentation.

Additionally, PoS-PH was penned some time ago when I was just out of college and some of it seems juvenile to me now, so I have had to resist the urge to make changes. Not to say that I disagree with it now, but my approach was more direct and crude, as is often the case with young adults. My focus was also more on "debunking" than it is today. Nevertheless, I've decided to keep it as a mark of where I've been.

I have tried to find ways of writing my ideas that make for easier reading and are aimed more at what things bring us together as human beings than what divide us. The Noble Conspectus is a reflection of this effort but, although there is much there I value, it still did not quite get completely at what I am trying to do with my ideas.

In further works, my hope was to to bring together elements of eastern and western philosophy, as well as modern scientific concepts into a cohesive work that is secularly rational and emotionally spiritual; presented in an interesting and easy format. Ironically, presenting things in an elegant and simple format is far more difficult than thinking of the philosophic concepts themselves.

Now I solely focus on my new site, The Humanist Contemplative.

Thanks for reading :)

DT Strain